Garage Sectional Overhead Doors

Position Interior
Width Min. /Max: 2000/ 5500 mm
 Height Min. /Max: 1875/ 3000 mm
 Opening Direction:  Vertical
Door Panel:   40 mm thick
Product Details

Avians Range of Automatic Garage Sectional Overhead Doors is one of the most popular and practical choices for style, safety, security, easy to use and versatile.
Avians bring you the best design to suite the esthetics of your home. They are a modern day alternative to conventional doors that was used for garages.
The fantastic insulation value and security properties of a double skinned, insulated sectional garage door also mean that it is an ideal door to maintain a constant temperature inside.

With our garage sectional doors, you are able to use a complete length of the driveway and they give you more space both inside and outside of the garage.
These doors are manufactured from galvanised steel with almost any colour or tough new laminate wood grain finish

Industrial Sectional Overhead Doors

Position Interior
 Width Min. /Max: 2250/ 8000 mm
 Height Min. /Max: 1875/ 7000 mm
 Opening Direction:  Vertical
Wind Resistance:   Up to Class 3
Panel Size: 725 x 325 mm
Speed of opening: 0.1 – 0.2 m/s
Product Details

Avians Industrial Sectional Overhead Doors guarantee maximum security and reliability as they are made of steel panels. The double-skinned PUF core design is heat insulating and particularly suitable for heated halls.

Our Doors are specifically designed to suit the modern industrial architecture. We offer a complete range of overhead sectional doors; either insulated sandwich panel doors or glazed doors. They can also be supplied as fully covered or semi-glazed versions for optimal daylight exposure. They provide good air tightness and insulation.

  • Long lasting panels as galvanized and pre-coated steel sheets are used
  • In industrial sectional doors, complete sealing on the door prevents dust, air & water
  • High precision hinges made of galvanized steel, roller guide with adjustable ball bearing rollers are provided for smooth movement of the door.
  • Easy-to-integrate side and wicket doors ensure that pedestrian movement can be diversified
  • Industrial sectional doors are maintenance-friendly, resulting in minimal service cost
  • Advance electronic drive & control
  • Intelligent safety edge mechanism stops the door if it comes into contact with an obstacle.
  • All our door are incorporated with EN safety standards
  • Our industrial sectional doors can achieve sound insulation up to a certain limit
  • Industrial doors are attractive, robust, durable with different type of textures
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